How To Optimize Your Account

How To Optimize Your Account

In this section, we discuss how to optimize every part of your account so that you have the best SEO ( Search Engine Optimization) possible.


Helpful Notes:

Optimizing Your Bio: 

Your bio should be full of highly searched keywords that relate to your shop 

  • EX: “WallDecalSource is your source of high quality, vinyl wall decals for your child’s nursery room…”

This section needs to read well. Tell them what you do, what kind of content you want to create, what you sell, etc. 

Pinterest uses your bio to figure out what users to show your pins to


Optimizing Your Boards 

Use Pinterest category names, and interest tab in the ad creator for good board titles

Make sure your board titles are some of the highest search terms in your niche 

Add descriptions packed full of keywords to your boards to boost Pinterest search ranking


Optimizing Your Pins 

Use as many characters as possible in the title to maximize SEO (Up to 100 characters)

The first 32 characters are the most important


Pack your description with keywords (Up to 500 characters)

Include shop URL in description

You have to make sure it is easy to read and makes sense. 

EX: “Our removable wall decals are top of the line! Our reusable vinyl makes installing, relocating, and reusing your nursery wall decals easy…”


Optimizing Your Images 

Pinterest has a software called OCR (Optical Character Recognition), this software makes sure that the pictures that come up for a search term are relatively similar to the image you pin. So, make sure you search your keywords and double-check the results match your image.

Pinterest will not rank your pin very high if your pin is not related to the keywords used.

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