Creating Viral Pins

Creating Viral Pins

We’ve all seen the pins and posts that are shared over and over again. Today we’re going to take a look at how to create viral pins. Viral pins offer content that is relate-able. To accomplish Viral pins, you need to have a plan in place:

1. What is the goal of your Pinterest account? Sales, engagement, blog traffic?

2. Consider your perfect customer or customer avatar, what topics would this person be interested in? Make a list of topics and ideas for your pins

3. Consider your avatar, what times do you think they will be online (as your Pinterest account grows you will be able to track your traffic and hours)? e.g. My customer avatar is a parent. I know nap times are usually a time spent taking care of things and sometimes it may be used as a break to browse social media, I want to start posting about nap time. I also know later in the afternoon when the whole family is together there will be another chance for my avatar to browse social media so I want to post around 5pm-approximately parent bedtime. To get my Pinterest account started I would post during 11am-2pm and again from 5pm-10pm. Then I would use the analytics of my account to help me dial in my posts to the best times for my audience.

Now that you have these three items laid out, you have a plan to get started!

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