Pinterest Best Practices

Pinterest Best Practices

In this section, we discuss the best practices for Pinterest. We will cover the best practices for images, pinning, and generating traffic to your Etsy Shop!

Helpful Notes:


2:3 or 3:4 aspect ratio 

600 – 1080 pixels wide 

900 – 1200 pixels long 

Make sure your images are of the highest quality possible 

Name your images with strong keywords 


Generating Traffic From Pinterest To Etsy:

Use strong call to actions 

                   Examples: Click here to learn more, get yours today, don’t miss your chance… 

Include shop URL in the description as well as the URL field 

Your description should be at least 100-200 characters long and fill it up with as many keywords as possible.

Use your description to convince people to click through to your Etsy shop. 



Pin frequently – best pinning frequency is 5 – 15 pins a day 

Make sure you Pin at least 1 Pin a day for the best results 

Do not post 15 pins in an hour you want to make sure they are spaced. This keeps your follower’s pages not flooded with your pins. 

Make sure you are repining popular content that is relevant to your customer avatar.

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