3 Simple Display Ideas for Your Jewelry Etsy Shop Photos

Are you having trouble figuring out how to display your jewerly in your Etsy shop photos? Check out these ideas + a free bonus smartphone photography guide that will help you achieve beautiful images like these.

Mixing Textures + Angles

Here’s a perfect example of this. Emma of CandidateAndCo takes amazing photos of her jewelry. They caught my eye right away when scrolling through Etsy. She has a white marble background + has the earrings sitting on another material which is angled. Not to mention, the succulent plant and perfect lighting makes the image come together cleanly. The image has enough going on to draw your attention, but is still clean and simple enough to not take away from the earrings.

Use A Jewelry Dish

As I was scrolling through jewelry items, I saw this beautiful dish with a ring in it. This would be something different and you could definitely make the ring the star of the image as to not confuse buyers that the dish came with the ring. Of course, that’s what descriptions are for as well. 🙂 If you want the dish, grab it from IncredibleLilThings here.

Use A Person To Model Your Jewelry

Candice Neistat just launched her new brand Billy! – and let me tell you, this is a perfect example of how you should model your jewelry.  You don’t need to pay a professional model, just grab a friend or your spouse and take a few photos with your jewelry. Just make sure you’re not drowning out what you are selling by making the photo too busy!

By implementing these 3 simple photo ideas, you would have a beautiful looking shop to display the amazing jewelry you make.

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