A Quick Introduction On How To Start A Jewelry Business

Do you love jewelry so much that you want to learn how to start a jewelry business?

Anyone that is sufficiently skilled in the making of handmade jewelry can easily turn this skill into a viable business venture with the right information.

This is because people love artisan jewelry; they are always looking for special pieces to add to their jewelry box.

Do you have the passion and talent for jewelry making?

Then let us teach you how to start a jewelry business with this skill you have.

The most important thing you will learn here is how to sell jewelry because this can be even more difficult than making jewelry.

Do you know how to make jewelry?

When you combine that knowledge with how to sell jewelry, then you will be making big bucks in no time.

So, let’s help you shorten your learning curve with this straight-to-the-point introduction on starting a jewelry business.

Be a Know-It-All

Being a “know-it-all” can be negative in some cases, but not when you are talking about your business.

Know about your jewelry, know the names of all the materials  you use so you will be able to accurately describe your pieces to your dream clients.

Things like the names of gemstones and metals you use should always be at your finger tips.

Pictures Sell Jewelry

After all the fancy words, what will determine whether that customer will buy or not, is how much they love how the jewelry looks in the picture.

Pictures are absolutely necessary to sell jewelry online. This may be the most valuable lesson about how to start a jewelry business, make your pictures breath taking!

Make it have the highest quality possible and make sure it highlights all the details of your jewelry.

Pay attention to the background and lighting.

For instance, you should use light background for dark jewelry pieces and use dark background for light   pieces.

Make Interesting Descriptions

After the picture has grabbed the attention of the buyer, you have to keep that attention by giving them an interesting, clear and accurate description of the piece.

Slot in attention grabbing words like “one-of-a-kind”, “eye catching”, and “show stopping” here and there in the description.

Give Guarantee

You should aim to inspire confidence in your craftsmanship by offering warranty on your products.

This is how your customer will know that what they will be buying from you is a superior piece of jewelry.

The warranty may cover any damages in the first year of purchase.

This really helps your customers overcome the fear of buying fake products because they know they must be of pretty high quality for you to offer warranty.


The first thing people learn about how to start a jewelry business is to open an online store on Etsy, eBay, etc.

But this is not adequate; you also have to advertise your products in order to increase traffic to your store.

One way to get this much-needed traffic is by creating a jewelry blog and publishing articles that relate directly to the type of jewelry  you sell.

You can also expand your reach by creating a facebook page and posting links to your store on it.

Also, use other social media avenues like  twitter, Google plus, Pinterest, etc to drive traffic to the store where you sell jewelry online.


You should now know how to sell jewelry online, just follow this tips and you can also read more on how to start a jewelry business from our website.

About Charles Curry

Charles founded his Etsy shop Wall Decal Source in 2012. He opened his decal shop and decided to create a nursery decal for his sisters new baby. Funnily enough he published the decal as an item for sale on his Etsy shop and people really liked it. Well a few years later and his shop has been almost completely taken over by nursery wall decals. He must still be a kid at heart. As Charles tested and tried all sorts of methods to expand his shop he stumbled upon a few simple formulas for consistently growing Etsy sales and views.
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