Estimated Delivery Dates: Most Common Questions

According to Etsy’s data from December 2019, knowing when an item will arrive was a crucial component in a shoppers’ purchasing decisions. They let customers know when to anticipate their orders ahead of time, giving them more confidence when making a purchase.

In order to create a listing/shipping profile and renew listings for products shipping from the US to purchasers in the US, information about projected arrival dates is necessary.

What Exactly is an Estimated Delivery Date?

The estimated delivery date indicates when an order is expected to arrive. To determine expected delivery dates, three main pieces of information are needed:

  • Shipping carrier and mail class

Based on the information they receive from carriers, Etsy utilizes this information to estimate how long it will take for your shipment to arrive after you send it. And don’t worry: they’ll automatically modify predicted delivery dates for you if carriers experience delays, ensuring that you’re always offering customers the most accurate estimate of when their purchase will arrive, even during peak seasons.

  • Processing time

This is the amount of time it will take you to produce or design the item and send it to the shipping carrier.

  • Zipcode (US only)

If you’re in the United States, including your zip code makes Etsy’s estimations even more precise since they know precisely where you’re shipping from—for example, a package will arrive faster for customers in your state than for purchasers across the nation. Shoppers will not see your zip code.

How to Set Your Estimated Delivery Date

Because an estimated delivery date is calculated and shown to customers using many parameters, there is no one location to set your anticipated delivery date. The estimated delivery date that a shopper sees is generated by filling out processing time, mail class, and mail carrier on individual listings and/or generating shipping profiles. You may apply the same shipping data to several listings at once when you use a shipping profile.

How is the Estimated Delivery Date Calculated?

Buyers are given an estimated delivery date as a range of days when their order is expected to arrive. The earliest date is established by combining the shortest end of your processing time with the shortest projected transit time. The most recent date is equal to the long end of your processing time plus your longest anticipated transit time.

For example, if an item’s processing time is 3-5 business days and the shipping method’s transit time is typically 2-4 business days, the projected delivery date is 5-9 business days from the order date.

The origin zip code is layered in for enhanced accuracy when shipping from the United States. Delivering a box from California to New York, for example, would take longer than shipping a package from one California city to another.

How is the Estimated Delivery Date Presented to Buyers?

The more information you provide, the more specifics the buyer will see, and the higher the buyer’s expectations will be. If you choose a processing period of 3-5 business days, for example, Etsy will inform consumers that their item will be ready to ship in 3-5 days. They’ll provide purchasers a timeline of what they can anticipate from their order if you give your processing time and shipping carrier information. It includes an estimate of when the item(s) will be ready to ship and how long it will take to reach their doorstep.

Etsy does not provide the buyer any particular information about when the purchase will arrive if you do not share any information about your shipping carrier or processing time. Instead, they instruct them to contact you to inquire about the status of the order.

Buyers in the United States can search for listings based on their estimated delivery date. This search filter only displays products with anticipated delivery dates, so it’s a great method to increase your listings’ visibility on Etsy among US consumers.

Are Holidays and Weekends Included in the Estimated Delivery Dates?

Weekends and US holidays recognized by USPS are factored into Etsy’s estimated delivery date calculations so that purchasers have the most accurate idea of when their product will arrive.

After a Purchase, are Estimated Delivery Dates Ever Updated?

The anticipated delivery date will be updated to reflect the later arrival if you mark the order as shipped after the scheduled ship date. This revised date is then conveyed to the buyer in the email that informs them that their item has shipped—all without any further work on your part.

I Don’t Want to Make a Promise to My Customers That I Won’t Be Able to Keep. What Happens If My Estimated Delivery Date is Pushed Back Due to Transportation Delays?

When Etsy detects carrier delays, they can change transit schedules for top carriers for sellers. They are able to do so for a variety of reasons:

  • Etsy maintains close relationships with carriers and is regularly in communication with them concerning the performance of their networks.
  • Etsy also built in-house technology that analyzes data from millions of parcels to detect carrier delays and make tweaks to transit time estimates to keep them accurate.

As a result, it’s critical that you choose one of the carriers offered in your shipping profiles. Etsy won’t know what transit time modifications to make until you tell them the carrier you’re using.

You may also use Messages to inform your customers of delays to better manage their expectations and provide a positive customer experience.

My Production Time Varies Because I Make Custom Items. How Can I Figure Out How Long My Processing Time Will Take?

Your processing time, which includes production time, is the amount of time it takes to get an order ready to ship. If the order is custom, the time it takes to create the particular item should be included.

Is It Necessary for Me to Use Etsy’s Mail Carrier/Class Options?

Selecting ‘Other’ as the carrier allows you to define your own transit times; however, Etsy highly advises utilizing the mail carriers in shipping profiles. They’ll be able to adapt transit schedules in the event of carrier delays, and you’ll be able to focus on your creative endeavors.

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