Increase Your Etsy Conversion Rate

Your Etsy shop’s conversion rate is the best action to keep track of if you are doing good as a seller. You can receive conversions from clicks, sales, and buyer engagement.

But first, what is a conversion rate? It is the percentage of a purchase that’s successfully made by shop visitors who saw your listings on your shop.

Here is the formula:

For example, you sold 25 products last month and there were 800 shoppers who visited your shop. Your conversion rate is (25/800) x 100 = 3.125%

Factors Affecting Your Conversion Rate

The algorithm of Etsy is constantly changing. This is why it can be difficult to really keep track of the factors that will affect the conversion rate. However, these factors remain significant in determining Etsy conversion rate:

  • Product Image
  • Product Description
  • Shipping Cost and Pricing
  • Shop Policies and Product Reviews
  • Etsy Listing Quality Score

Product Image

The product image will influence most of the buyers. It will be the very first thing that shoppers will notice when they visit your shop or one of your listings. Make sure that you put clear and bright photos of your products.

Product Description

Now that your visitors have seen your product, they have to be aware of its features. It is your responsibility as a seller to let them know of the main features of your product. Each aspect must be mentioned. A comprehensive overview should also be provided and the product material, as well. In short, you must have an accurate product description to increase the chances of conversion.

Shipping Cost and Pricing

The price and shipping cost can be a deal-breaker. Before you upload your product, you have to analyze first the type of audience you’re engaging with then you can charge accordingly. Etsy also gives you the freedom to offer your customer sales. Make sure that the discounted price is mentioned.

Shipping cost is one of the main reasons why buyers leave the items in their cart and never check out. Offering incentives and free shipping can excite your customers to buy more of your products resulting in improved conversion rates.

Shop Policies and Product Reviews

You can try visiting other products that are similar to yours and identify what the customers are looking for. This will help in determining any shortcomings in the items and identify the aspects that need improvement.

The shop policies and about section will also help customers make a decision about whether to buy your product or not.

Etsy Listing Quality Score

Etsy listing quality score depends on getting listing clicks, listing views, frequent purchase of listings, frequent adding the listing to cart, and available payment options. You have to add as many different payment options, as many as possible.

Having a good listing quality score will result in excellent customer engagement, especially for those who convert.

About Charles Curry

Charles founded his Etsy shop Wall Decal Source in 2012. He opened his decal shop and decided to create a nursery decal for his sisters new baby. Funnily enough he published the decal as an item for sale on his Etsy shop and people really liked it. Well a few years later and his shop has been almost completely taken over by nursery wall decals. He must still be a kid at heart. As Charles tested and tried all sorts of methods to expand his shop he stumbled upon a few simple formulas for consistently growing Etsy sales and views.
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