Best Smartphone Photo Editing Apps for More Captivating Product Images

Smartphones nowadays have pretty awesome cameras. You don’t need to buy those expensive professional cameras to take captivating product photos, your smartphone will do. You can use editing apps to make the images look better, as well.

Here are the best smartphone photo editing apps you can use.

1. Lightroom CC

Lightroom CC is from Adobe and is one of the best photo editing apps out there. It’s free, but more than that, you can hook up your app on your computer! How cool is that?

It comes with presets, RAW photo support, watermarking, exposure adjustments, and a lot more. 

You can upgrade your Lightroom CC from in-app purchases, as well. 

There are also premium features that you can access by availing its monthly plan of $10 per month. Here, you can sync your images across devices and other premium features.

Lightroom CC is available for both Android and IOS.

2. VSCO Cam

If you are familiar with Instagram’s basic photo editing, VSCO is the advanced version. 

You will have lots of editing options such as contrast, exposure, temperature correction, and alignment tool.

There are also filters and presets available. They can also be tweaked so you can personalize them.

VSCO also has a community that is readily available. So, you can ask away, learn tips, and make friends with other VSCO users. Awesome!

VSCO is available for both Android and IOS.

3. Snapseed

If you want a professional-grade image editing app, then Snapseed by Google is for you. 

It offers a huge amount of options for editing to make even the most boring photo come to life.

Snapseed lets you alter an image’s vignette, temperature, blur, and other attributes. You can add effects such as the 1960s-style film, grain, or Retrolux filter.

You can stack effects as well, just like in Photoshop, so you can easily produce new results every time.

There are also options that are more advanced like healing brush, perspective crops, local adjustments, curves, and more.

For a free app, it has tons of features.

Snapseed is available for both Android and IOS.

4. Afterlight 2

If mobile photo editing apps start to feel the same to you, you can try Afterlight 2. It has basic editing tools plus built-in frames, filters, RAW support, and local adjustments.

Its more unique features are double exposures, film light leaks, color shift, textures, selective color, and lots more.

Afterlight is a formerly paid app, and now it’s free! Isn’t that great? However, if you want to unlock all its features, it will cost you $3 a month.

Afterlight 2 is available for both Android and IOS.

5. TouchRetouch

If you want to remove distracting elements in your photo, TouchRetouch is the way to go. Its algorithm works excellently. You can just simply tap and remove the object.

It is a perfect alternative to complicated software such as Photoshop.

TouchRetouch is available for both Android and IOS.

6. Enlight

Enlight works both as an editor app and a high-quality camera. It offers the chance to take double exposures as well. 

The magic in this applies in the creative areas – you can add text, blend images and do more.

Enlight is only available for IOS.

7. PicsArt

If you are into remixing photos rather than creating simple filters and touch-ups, then PicsArt is the app for you. It is like a mix between Paint and Photoshop.

There is basic editing but there are different brush tools as well to add to your photos. You can add some sparkle, add text, adjust the colors or create all sorts of re-mix you can think of.

PicsArt is available for both Android and IOS.

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