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How to Earn Repeat Customers on Your Etsy Shop

In our world, there are two types of shoppers. The first kind purchases items just when required, making it simple to convert them into repeat customers. The second, on the other hand, is motivated by want and desire rather than necessity.

The second type of customer desires a one-of-a-kind and individualized encounter. They can only get this experience on websites like Etsy, a marketplace for unique, one-of-a-kind things crafted by skilled individuals.

This high standard might make it harder to convert people into repeat customers. But don’t worry; we’ve got you covered. Here are some ideas for getting repeat customers on Etsy.

Treat Your Customers Well

Treating your buyers like royalty will gain their loyalty. To minimize misunderstandings, respond to convos immediately and establish clear shop policies. Send them an email to confirm their custom color choices or shipping instructions. Everyone enjoys being treated with respect and kindness, and when you express your gratitude to your customers with particular extra care, they will remember you!

Make A Newsletter for Your Email Subscribers

If you already have an email list, this should be a no-brainer. Create a compelling newsletter series for your subscribers that details which sales you’ll be running, when they’ll be running, and what products (both new and current) will be on sale.

Emails are one of the top organic ROI-producing channels and should be the first stage in your Etsy recurring customer plan.

So, if you already have an email list, start using it to attract repeat customers. If not, consider implementing email marketing into your long-term company and marketing strategies.

Add Something to Their Order

Surprise your buyer with something extra. Try a note card, gift tag, magnet, bookmark, candy, or crochet heart – whatever you like. A modest act of appreciation will have a significant impact. Receiving small gifts with their purchases increases your customers’ desire to buy from you again because it makes them feel special.

Impress Your Customers with Your Packaging

You’ve picked up on the theme by now. Earning repeat customers on Etsy is about making your consumer feel astonished.

Product packaging is one area of your business where you may be pretty creative and doesn’t even have to seem costly. 

You may also include images of your customized packaging in your listings to stimulate the curiosity of potential buyers.

Show You Care by Giving Insights and Advice About Your Product

Likely, your clients would need to learn how to make the greatest use of your items. For example, they may need to know the best methods to use your decorative item or how to care for the crochet doll they purchased for their children.

This is a chance for you to go above and beyond. You can include instructions for your consumers on how to use and care for your items appropriately and effectively. This also allows them to return and reread things if they need to.

Give Discounts

Giving customers a discount on their next order may be what they need to place another order or spread the word about your fantastic store. Try a few different approaches and see which yields the best results. Add a message to your purchase inviting them to follow you on social media so they can stay updated on the latest goods, limited items, and exclusive deals.

Be Especially Helpful In Case of Any Shipment Mishaps

This is a must if you want to acquire recurring consumers on Etsy this holiday season and maybe beyond. Because so many purchases are made over Christmas, things can often go wrong throughout the delivery process.

Perhaps the order is delayed, the product is damaged, the package is lost, and so on. Shipping disasters might occur for a variety of causes. Your objective is to be especially helpful to consumers experiencing shipment problems.

Remember, they selected you over all the other stores; therefore, it’s your obligation to make them feel heard when things go wrong. It would be best if you accepted that these circumstances are unavoidable and that you risk losing a potential life-long customer every time you manage them poorly.

Handling these scenarios poorly also means you’ll receive a terrible review, lowering your customer and market experience score, something you want to prevent at all costs.

Continue to Improve and Expand Your Selection

Sales might fluctuate for no apparent reason. Stay optimistic during quiet periods and concentrate on your goods and images. Get creative and try out a few fresh ideas. Consider the impending holidays and begin making plans for massive discounts! Your previous customers will be watching, and the new items will entice them to return for more. They already think you’re fantastic, so you can bet they’ll enjoy your new products!

Show Your Customers Some Behind-the-Scenes Action

There are several advantages to sharing behind-the-scenes films with your customers and audience, not the least of which is the development of long-term customer connections.

You may demonstrate what goes into manufacturing the things your clients like. This allows your consumers to appreciate your effort in generating something for them.

You can make genuine personal connections. We only see the finished result for most goods we utilize daily. However, when customers learn more about a product, a brand, and the people involved, it aids in the development of a personal connection that lasts longer.

You can foster trust and sincerity. People are more inclined to trust what they have seen, heard, and felt. Sharing behind-the-scenes footage is a terrific approach to connecting with your consumers.

Use Etsy Updates to Entice Shoppers to Return

Etsy Updates is an Update feed on consumers’ Etsy apps that is aimed to send alerts about your store to purchasers who have connected with it by following it or favoriting your products.

The nicest aspect is that some of your actions trigger the update feed. For example, if you run a promotion or give a coupon, clients will be alerted, increasing the probability that they will return to your business.

Here are some examples of how you may send buyers update notifications.

Start a Sale

When you conduct a sale, you have three options for sending alerts to Etsy buyers:

  • The item in your shopping cart is on sale.
  • My favorite store is having a deal.
  • Favorite product is on sale

Send a Discount Coupon

When you send your customers a thank-you coupon, they will receive the following notifications:

  • You received a thank you coupon from the store.
  • Reminding you of a thank you coupon

Add New Products

Buyers will receive the following message whenever you add new goods to your shop

  • New products from your favorite store

Restock Products

Buyers will receive the following message whenever you refill an item in your shop

  • Favorite item is back in stock.


Now that you know how to encourage repeat customers, learn how to build customer loyalty here!

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