Pet Bed Design Ideas

The pet products industry has always been stable in the eCommerce industry. There are a variety of pet products you can choose from as well. One of which is a pet bed. We all know that pet owners love to keep their pets happy and comfortable. One of the best ways to show their love for their fur babies is to give them cozy pet beds.

Here are amazing pet bed design ideas that you can make if you’re planning on making and selling pet beds in your online shop.

Wooden Dog Crate

Wooden dog crates are great because they are durable and can be customized depending on what the pet owner wants. It acts like a little cozy house for pets as well.


Up-Cycled Tire Dog Bed

You can make dog beds from old tires. It’s always a great idea to recycle things and put them to good use. This is perfect for dogs because the tire can also be their headrest and chew toy!


Recycled Wine Barrel Pet Bed

The wine barrel will give a rustic look to the pet bed. Just cut the barrel into your desired shape and put a comfortable pet mattress inside.


Cat Bed that is Actually Shaped Like a Cat’s Head

It’s probably one of the designs that will make people say “aww, that’s so cute!” because it does look adorable. I’m pretty sure that cat owners would love them for their cats.


Mini Pet Bed

What can be more adorable than a pet bed that looks like a bed for humans?


Bolster Pet Bed

If you love to sew, a bolster pet bed is the best fit for you. You can use fabrics with different patterns and the possibilities are endless when it comes to designing them.


Cat Teepee

Cat teepees are easy to make and cats will surely love them! They are cute and will serve as a safe haven for cats.


Scandinavian Framed Dog House

A dog bed that looks like a dog house is truly adorable! Both dog lovers and their dogs will love them for sure!


Modern and Sleek Dog Lounge

This design can cater to the stylish dog owner. It’s like a mini box style sofa for the fur babies.



Adaptable Bed for Cats

This cat bed is perfect for picky cats. It can be used in three different ways. Cats can use it as a cave, a tall bed, and a short bed.

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