The Best Pet Products You Can Sell on Etsy

The pet market has always been reliably stable throughout the years, and it is safe to say that this industry is recession-resistant. There are tons of pet lovers out there who are willing to pay a fortune just to make sure their furry little friends are comfortable and well taken care of.

So, what exactly are pet owners purchasing for their beloved pets? If you’re looking for stability in the pet industry, these pet products are the best ones to sell online.


Novelty Pet Beds

There has been a rise in the pet bed trend for the past couple of years. Novelty pet beds aren’t just your ordinary pet floor pillow. They are pet beds with fun themes and shapes, and they are super cute! When it comes to niche markets, pet beds cater best.

There is a wide array of choices for different types of pet owners. Stylish and fashionable pet owners can purchase modern-style pet beds, a health-conscious pet owner can purchase orthopedic pet beds, and sci-fi enthusiast pet owners can purchase Star Trek pet beds.


Dental Care Treats, Toys, and Toiletries

All the extra time at home these days definitely makes pet owners pay extra attention to their pet’s breath, which explains the increase in searches for teeth-cleaning toys and treats, pet dental care, and dog toothbrushes.

The advantage of these kinds of pet toys and treats is that they set the bar higher for standard treats and toys. They are perfect for upsells too.


Multifunction Biting Toy

Pet toys always had a steady demand, however, there is a new type of pet toy that is gaining popularity – multifunction biting toys. They are also known as “self-playing dog toys” or “interactive pet toys”. They are a combination of different biting toys into one. They usually look simple to humans, but to dogs, they promise all sorts of entertainment options.

They are easy to market because you can highlight how dogs would love them more than traditional toys or promote them as multiple toys for the price of one.


Cat Litter Mats

Here’s a solution to the run-off mess cats leave outside their litter boxes. Cat litter mats can be customized to fit specific niches in terms of practicality and style.


Dog Harness

A lot of dog owners choose to use harnesses when walking their fur babies. Harnesses offer a balanced distribution of force making it easier for the owner to manage and more comfortable for the dog.

The best thing about dog harnesses is that most dogs will need one.


Personalized Collars

Pet collars and personalized products are both popular, so why not roll them into one? We all know pet owners have a deep personal connection with their pets. Pet collars are a “stable staple” in the pet product industry.


Car Seat Protectors

Dog car seat protectors are a must-have for owners who take their pets for frequent car rides. We know that it’s messy having dog hair all over the car’s back seat. These are protective fabrics that have attachments in the right places to easily install and remove them in cars.

About Charles Curry

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