Using Natural Light for Product Photography

Lighting can either be your friend or enemy when you are learning to take product photos. You will produce the most amazing images when done right, but when done wrong, no image editing software can save your dull photo.

Here are some important tips for getting excellent product photos from your photoshoot:

Room Should be Well-Lit

While using artificial light in a studio can be great, nothing beats natural light from a window. Using natural light is so much cheaper than using artificial lighting.

The light should come from a single direction. This will add texture to your products and generate natural shows.

You should also bear in mind the weather outside – if it’s cloudy, or sunny. You can test both first which works for your products best. Weather can make a difference in the highlights and shadows on your product photos.

Set Up Your Photoshoot Close to a Window

It’s ideal to do your photoshoot at the brightest time of the day. 90 degrees to the left or right of your setup is what you should aim for as well.

If the light is a little too bright, you can always use a diffuser sheet for a softer light. Never shoot with hard light. It will highlight even the littlest flaws in your items and can make the colors look too saturated.

Use Reflectors and Foam Boards to Control Natural Light

We all know we cannot control the weather. There will be times when the sun disappears suddenly while you’re shooting. Here is where foam boards are useful because they can bounce the light and intensify it as well to fill the shadows.

If you choose to use a reflector, you can move it further away or closer to your product to manipulate how the light reflects onto your product.

Also, test various angles so you can find just the right balance between lighting and shadows.

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